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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do Saved By the Bell next!

I actually dig this


Cat Sh!t One

Can anyone explain to me what the hell is going on here?

Via I Watch Stuff


A video some friends of mine created.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Tip

That's the drive Andrea and I will be taking this weekend. It's the farthest north we've ever been in the "big mitten". Let's hope they have electricity up there.

This Blows My Mind

And I thought Babe was a good sheep herder

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just When You Thought Waffles Couldn't Be Any Cooler...


Influential Albums #1: Green Day - Dookie

This is going to be the first in a series I'm going to blog about. A friend of mine had recently posted on Facebook some albums that she truly loved. I thought this was a great idea and wanted to share my list with the world and hear your thoughts.

The first album I'll be talking about is Dookie by Green Day.

It wasn't a question what album was going to be #1 on my list. This was the first album I owned and I listened to it non-stop for about three months. I was in 7th grade and around the age of 12 or 13. I first picked up the album after attending some welcome party for the middle school I was going to. Someone played Basket Case and I now know what the young girls screaming their heads off when hearing Twist and Shout by The Beatles. I'm not putting Green Day at their level, but I will say this was the first time I had heard music this fast, loud, and youthful. I grew up, like most kids, listening to the music of my parents. For better or worse, my parents are quite young so I was listening to at the oldest Elton John music, but more like Celine Dion and Journey. Basket Case was a song that just knocked me off my feet. I couldn't stop bobbing my head up and down and after it finished I asked the DJ (some 8th grader) who that was. He showed me the CD and not only was the cover funny/cool the back has a picture of Ernie rocking out in a mosh pit. That next weekend I took money I had been saving up and bought a Sony CD player and my first album.

This album opened up my world and began my addiction to music. It not only got me to start listening to music that was completely different than what my parents liked, but also had me wanting to know what else was out there. I became addicted to some alternative radio station out of Lansing called Buzz 95 (how great is that name?). My CD player also had a tape recorder and I would sit and listen to the radio and record any song that had my head banging.

This was also an album that combined a mixture of humor into it's lyrics. I wasn't old enough to appreciate deep meaning in songs, so funny songs about drugs, sex, and violence worked for me as I was a young kid that didn't understand any of that stuff anyway. This got me looking into punk music, classic rock, and even rap.

Burnout - Great intro song that has a fast beat, great drums and a fun chorus "I'm not growing up, I'm just burning down"

Having a Blast - A song that when listened to now I see is scary and all about someone taking over a situation and not letting anyone out alive. At the time it was just fun.

Chump - Great opening line "I don't know you but I think I hate you"

Longview - One of my favorites. A song in which I listened more to the music than the lyrics. It builds from a soft bass riff into this great rock song. Also one of the first songs I heard the word shit.

Welcome to Paradise - A classic. One of the big hits off this album and an easy song to sing along to.

Pulling Teeth - A fun/weird song about a guy who's had the crap beat out of him but sings in a happy way.

Basket Case - The song that started it all. Sing a long everyone!

She - The silent hit from this album. I feel everyone knows this song (maybe b/c it was right after the #1 hit) but I never heard it on the radio.

Sassafrass Roots - The one song on the album that just isn't memorable. It's not a bad song, but isn't original and seems too much like others on the album.

When I Come Around - Once I purchased the album, this became my favorite song. Basket Case drew me in, but this was the song I listened to over and over. Great vocals and awesome riff that is just catchy.

Coming Clean - "17 and strung out on confusion" Another song with a great into. I usually stopped listening after 20 seconds though.

Emenius Sleepus - Tied with Sassafrass Roots as a song that just got lost in the memory.

In the End - This is the short punk song that I really dig sometimes. Barely over a minute long but fast paced and fun.

F.O.D. - Anyone who owned this album should know all the words to this song. Great build up and the first song with acoustic on Dookie.

All By Myself (secret song) - Funny, stupid, just what I like.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Honor of St. Patrick's Day

I do not condone drinking yourself stupid on this holiday, but just found this a very cool pic that usually only appears on this day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

So I'm finally dumping videos I had on my new Flip video player. These are from a day in January when Andrea and I went and visited the Lincoln Park Zoo just to get out of the house.

The Night Chicago Dyed

Here's some video of the 2009 dying of the Chicago River. This first is just a shot of all the people there who came to watch. If you can spot the drunk person you win!

This next video explains how they actually dye the river. Two angry anti-EPA people come out in their speed boats and dump orange, yes ORANGE, dye into the Chicago River and because of all the toxins or something (I'm not a dye scientist) it appears Ecto Cooler green.

This is about five minutes later and you'll see that the river now glows in the dark.