Friday, December 22, 2006

Everybody's Doing It

Just because I'm bored at home in Michigan during the holidays. My top ten movies of 2006 that I've seen so far:

10. Akeelah and the Bee

9. Wordplay

8. Brick

7. Mission: Impossible III

6. Thank You for Smoking

5. Stranger Than Fiction

4. Cars

3. Clerks II

2. The Departed

1. Little Miss Sunshine


Enochs said...

Wow, I feel like there should be a top 10 list for "Eric's Top-10 Best Movies of 2006" omissions. Albeit I've only seen one of the movies on your list (MI3), questions linger about movies like The Da Vinci Code, An Inconvenient Truth, Borat (come on, it was good for this character), Casino Royale, Lucky Number Slevin, and Superman Returns. Love or no love?

Eric said...

Da Vinci Code - Way too boring
An Inconvenient Truth - Haven't seen it but Al Gore bores me
Borat - Read a few posts ago
Casino Royale - Would probably be on the list if I had seen it.
Lucky Number Slevin - Haven't seen.
Superman Returns - Huge let down