Saturday, February 14, 2009

Goodbye Old Friends

I just found out today that two of my family's pets were put down. One is the above Willow. My parents got him when I was just heading off to college so I only saw him on trips back home. He was a crazy, lovable dog that never wanted anything more than to be pet and played with. Although he licked you like crazy, you could never be mad at him.

The other I didn't have a photo of, but their cat Lucy also passed. She had to be 18 years old, so it wasn't so much a surprise but still difficult. She was a simple cat that would purr almost instantly.

I'll miss them both.


Andrea said...

RIP Willow and Lucy. You guys were great little buddies.

Kristin said...

Losing a family pet is really hard.

I'm so sorry!

Karen Kring said...

I know of what you speak. Lost my cat and dog 2 yrs and 1 yr ago respectively. Mine were great too and I miss them. They were a good influence on me. They had good attitudes.