Wednesday, May 31, 2006

First Posting

So this is it. I've finally joined the blogging world. You may be asking yourself "Why now, Eric?" or "Do you really have that much to say?" or even "Can he really be that full of himself?"

I've been having a lot of fun with my podcast and I felt that there was so much more that I wanted to say about the items we talked about or things we couldn't even get to in the show. If you haven't listened to the show, please do and LEAVE COMMENTS so we know how we're doing. We're in the process of adding music and other cool things. Also, check out Greg's vodcast as well...he works real hard and deserves a pat on the tuchus.

Not really much to say in this first posting. Just really setting this whole thing up. I hope to talk about items on a frequest basis and let you all know the inner workings of my brain.

I'll leave you with a great photo of the latest movie that I believe will kill in the box office.


Enochs said... I get to read your "thoughts." Get a sitemeter. It's way addicting. I'll link you too--you'll fit in with the rest of my legal blogs.

Enochs said...

Andy said...

Happy blogging, Eric.