Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Charlie Lynch Found Guilty

One of the saddest injustices I've seen in a long time has occurred. Charlie Lynch has been found guilty of
distributing marijuana, conspiring to distribute marijuana and providing marijuana to people under the age of 21
I first heard of this story on Reason where I learned that in San Francisco it is legal to sell medicinal marijuana. Mr. Lynch opened a business that sold this marijuana to individuals for medicinal purposes. One of these individuals was Owen Beck, a high schooler that noticed it hurt while running when playing soccer. He went in to have an x-ray and a medium sized tumor was discovered in his leg. After many treatments of chemo and feeling nauseated therefore not eating, his parents suggested to him the use of medical marijuana. They spoke to a doctor, received the prescription, and went and visited Mr. Lynch's office. Because Owen was a minor Charlie Lynch was arrested for distributing.

Just a sad day when a man who is not pushing drugs on the corner but providing it to individuals so that they can eat is now going to jail for a long time.

Make sure to check out the entire video and story at Reason.

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