Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some Fun Facts

45: number of months Sarah Palin has been pregnant
20: number of months Sarah Palin has been governor

9,000: population of Wasilla, AK the town of which Palin was mayor
15,000: the number of people at the rally announcing her nomination as VP

7: number of people in the Palin family
7: number of houses John and Cindy McCain own

72: years that John McCain has been alive
49: years that Alaska has been a state

1: number of times McCain and Palin had met before today
20 million: the number of dollars that the city of Wasilla was left in
debt when Palin's term as mayor ended

When John McCain started his campaign, Sarah Palin was not yet governor of Alaska.


Kristin said...

4: number of months until Sarah Palin becomes Grandma Palin.

0: number of husbands Bristol Palin currently has

0.5: number of seconds before Sarah Palin brought up that her daughter WILL be marrying the father of the child

Andy said...

And interestingly enough - the father-to-be has yet to confirm the marriage plans...

Self-described teenage "redneck" hockey players with guns make GREAT fathers...