Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is This Legal?

The very little I know about football is that you can't actually shoot people on the field. Well, I just saw this video online and it seems like an obvious no-no but damn is it smart. What say you?

Awesome Football Trick Play - Watch more free videos


R. Enochs, Esq. said...

Perfectly legal. The ball was snapped from the center but no one took to their stances so as to appear not ready and the quarterback was legally running with the ball talking to the sideline like something was wrong then took off to the endzone. I'm guessing the opposing coaches were fooled since they didn't yell to their players to tackle the sneaky QB. I know this because I was a high school quarterback. You're welcome.

Eric said...

Well if the law school grad says its ok, then I say it works.

Also, I believe you broke my fingers one time while throwing a football. Good times.