Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pulled a Hammy

So the new season of Biggest Loser started this week. I have to admit that I'm a big fan of the show...and I'm not a loser. And Big is a great movie starring Tom Hanks. Anyway, one reason I really like this show is that you actually do see the difference some healthy eating and working out can make for these people. The other great thing is this show is about health, not body image. These people aren't working out b/c they want to get on the cover of Maxim, but b/c it hurts to get up in the morning. And I'm not talking getting out of bed, but their eyelids hurt when they open up...that's how bad these people are.

This new season is still trying to pull in the ratings, though. The seller this season is that there are 50 people, each representing their own state. First off, that is just ridiculous. Why would some guy who eats stuffed pizza and italian beefs every day be someone I'm rooting for? Just b/c he was born in the same state as me? I guess you can only do so many Army vs Navy challenges, right NBC? Secondly, they kicked off 36 people within the first ten minutes of the show (they obviously couldn't have 50 people at the ranch at once...just think of all the snoring!). So now you've got 36 people that are going home thinking they're either not as fat as they thought they were, or even more depressed...great.

So I've been working out a little more as well...and it's been difficult. I'm in no way as large as the people on Biggest Loser, but I'm no Joey Lawrence either (Whoa!). First off, anyone who runs for fun or did cross country in college...WHAT IS WRONG IN YOUR HEAD?! Cardio is like watching paint dry in my opinion. I get bored after ten minutes. Luckily, my workout time coincides with Simpsons and Seinfeld so I have something to distract me from the bleeping message on the treadmill telling me to attach the blood pressure meter (I don't want no robot knowing more about me than needed...they'll take over, I'm tellin' ya).

After reading more and more about how we're the most obese country on this fat planet, I really think more of us could walk a little more and eat a little less. If someone gets on one more elevator with me to go only one floor up or down, I will have Richard Simmons tail them into their office and make them kiss his short shorts. Don't get me wrong, I love ice cream and cheeseburgers, but not enough to make Sally Struthers cringe. I love America and our freedom to do what we want...just be responsible people.


PS: Haircut is fine and I'm now growing a beard.
PPS: See Little Miss Sunshine

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Love the post. You're absolutely right about needing to eat healthy. Today I've bought a salad for lunch to be healthy. It only has lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, mozerrella, chicken, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, avacado, egg, croutons, spinich, sun-dried tomatoes, ham, cheddar, parmesian, brocolli, and olives (green and black). And they say you can't eat 5 pounds of food and still be healthy!