Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bad Hair Day Pt. 1

So I did it. I found out one thing that really sucks about living in the city.

Now I knew moving out here there were going to be some changes that I prepared myself for.
  • The public transporation is also a public bathroom
  • There are no Applebee's, Chili's, Chi-Chi's, or other suburban-type restaurants
  • People are stabbed daily
you know, the usual. But what I've just discovered really sucks. You cannot get a haircut in this city for under $50!

I used to go to a great place called Fannie's. The guy cut my hair, yes cut as in used scissors not just a trimmer the whole time, while a flat panel TV would play Family Guy. And the entire cost was $19! The place was great and the guy was hilarious. I knew it was in trouble when I was the only one in there everytime I got my haircut. So one day while I was brushing my long bangs out of my eyes, I walked up to Fannie's address and low and behold it had been cut. No Fannie's! What am I to do.

I now understand why women have such a strong love of their stylist. I tried the SuperCuts route and was treated like a new Army recruit. I was in the seat for maybe two minutes while the butcher went at my hair with a trimmer. Sure, it was $9, but I looked nine years old when I got out. So I need to have someone I trust. Someone who knows the style I like and the length and the topics of conversation...and doesn't cost a fortune.

I've started to look around and it looks like I'm going to have to attend one of those salon's where the man puts his whole name. Have you noticed that only the male owned ones do this? Micheal Jacobs Salon, Henry Goudeaux Salon, Dennis Rodman Salon...there are no female ones. Those all have the trendy names like: Water, Blue, Nightline, etc.

So I'm going to try one of these places out and see how it goes. I'll let you all know in my next blog. Wish me luck and please, tell Fanny I miss her.

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