Friday, June 13, 2008


Uh oh

So I was really concerned when the first writers strike began. Shows like How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, and The Office were becoming amazing good (almost Arrested Development good). Then the strike came and after seeing shows like American Gladiators and 3rd, 4th, and 19th seasons of Flavor of Love and The Bachleor(ette) arrive I thought the end was near. Was I going to have to read again?! No!!!!

So the strike ended and the shows came back, but I could tell they weren't as strong. And one of my faves, Scrubs, had a horrible season finale and is going to be moved to ABC where I hope it still holds up. This new sign of a strike isn't great, and if you're like me and are tired of seeing people eat bugs on national television to get a shot at love with the star of MySpace (is like the tallest midget?), boycott these horrible shows so their ratings go down and the stations start giving these writers what they need.


Whatevs said...

Yeah I totally agree with you. There's not too . . . wait a minute. Did you just start off your "shows that were getting good" list with How I Met Your Mother? Really? Maybe it is time for another writer's after all.

Eric said...

Haha. I meant to say Viva Laughlin

Whatevs said...

What no love for According To Jim?

In a related question, is that even a show?

Eric said...

According to Jim is more a magnifying glass looking into our social structures existing in America, the role of fathers in families, and the loss of trust with neighbors.

Honestly, it makes me sad to be alive.