Thursday, June 26, 2008

Office of Pre-Crime

So I may ruffle some feathers with this post, but when did it become illegal for just being creepy? NBC has agreed to pay the family of a Texas man $100M after he killed himself for almost being on To Catch a Predator. What shocks me the most about this story is that Louis Conradt was actually arrested for what? Saying gross things to someone online? I'll agree that what he did was gross and we shouldn't praise it by any means, but really arrest him? And from reading this article, which I realize is quite short, all I can take from the incident is that Mr. Conradt solicited a "minor" in a chat room but didn't go to the house. Wouldn't this be a sign that he possibly realized what he was doing was wrong? Isn't this what we want these people to realize? Instead, he's put under arrest and sadly takes his own life.

Is the point of his arrest to prevent him from hurting innocent children? Didn't he prevent himself? The idea of pre-crime does not interest me and seeing as he wasn't actually talking to a real child but some set-up by NBC what crime was truly committed?

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R. Enochs, Esq. said...

He wasn't paid $100 million--that's the amount the lawsuit was seeking. The suit was simply settled which means the family could have received $1, but really most lawsuits are settled today and "nuisance value" is given (usually a few thousand dollars). It's really a business decision on the defendant because they have to pay some law firm thousand upon thousands of dollars to defend the lawsuit so they just come up with a figure short of what litigation would cost to make the "nuisance" go away.

Glad you're blogging regularly now!