Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All the li'l birds on Jaybird Steet

So I recently joined Twitter. I was hearing so much about it on TWIT and Tekzilla I felt like a loser for not having joined. So, like I handle any peer pressure situation, I joined as soon as I could. At first I wasn't too impressed. For starters, only two of my friends were "on" twitter and by that I mean they hadn't updated their page for over three months. I felt like the lonely guy at the party who was invited because he works with the hosts but doesn't really talk to them that much. After searching for people I went to grade school with as a last resort, I almost gave up on the site. That was until I realized how great it works for following companies or blogs on a regular basis. Many of my fave sites, mags, and tech-celebs are on there. By following them on Twitter I'm able to keep up on the latest news they've posted or any other notes of interest they have. I can also respond to their posts and have a conversation rather than leave a comment on some site.

I've added Opening Weekend to Twitter now. You'll now be able to see when new episodes and posts are put up. This is really helpful if you don't have an RSS reader or even know what I mean by RSS. I can also see who's following and learn more about the listeners.

So jump on and start tweeting your little heart out! (When is Web 2.0 going to stop with these cutesy webterms?)

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